Time Travel

I’ve always wanted to do some postcard art, but never really have until today.  The inspiration came from me not following directions very well.  I’ll explain.  On weekend mornings while gulping my three cups of coffee down as quickly as possible praying for the sweet caffeine rush to wash over me (come to think of it – I do this every morning – not just on weekends.  The difference is, on weekdays it is more of a chug than a gulp) I troll the internet looking for inspiration.  I have my usual stops for challenges and I jot them down noting that I will do them if time permits.  Today I didn’t look at my list before I started in on my project, and all I remembered was the So Artful Challenge of Time/Neutral/Pink – because it was really what I did last weekend (see Me On A Page), and Sunday Postcard Art, but I forgot that they were not related.  So I ended up with a red, because apparently that is my version of “pink”, postcard.  Go figure.  It works for me.


The stencil is The Crafters Workshop.  The balloon, train and Travel word, are Technique Tuesday and the clock face is Stampington and Co.  Rubons are from my stash.  Ink is Victorian Velvet Distress Ink (a ton of it) and the clock face stamp used for the background is Non Sequitur.  As always – if you have any questions about how I did something, just leave a comment.

About Sam

A lover of crafts and art trapped in the mind of an accountant. My dream is to someday be set free of the cubicle prison. Meanwhile, I craft and I create to set my mind free.
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2 Responses to Time Travel

  1. Electra says:

    I love everything about this! There are so many wonderful details! Thanks for being Soartful with us, hope to see you again!!

  2. Sherry P says:

    This is such a colorful and fun card! Thanks for participating in Soartful!

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