Leather Book Cover ATC


I was inspired last week by Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday.  Donna shared a technique using Joint Compound.  All I had on hand was various weights of spackling.  I used the lightest weight I had for this project which is Fast ‘n Final Lightweight Spackling by DAP.  I had to add some water – of course, because it was at least a couple of years old.  I smeared a thin coat on an old piece of cut up pillow case that I’ve been using as rag and pulled it at the corners as it dried to make it crackle a bit, and set it aside to dry completely.


I was amazed at how well it adhered to the fabric.  I tried the same process with some Vinyl Spackling by DAP and it doesn’t adhere as well to the fabric, which gives a whole different texture – just as cool though.  After it was completely try I slapped some Distress stains directly on it, and sprayed it with water until I got the effect I was looking for.


Then it was off to the chopping block!  I cut it in random shapes and adhered them to a heavy duty artist trading card with some gel medium and trimmed off the excess.



I added a coat of glossy Mod-Podge to the dried surface, to give it a leathery look.  I really like the effect this had down in the crevices.  Not only does it look like leather, it really feels like it too. At this stage I added a little more stain to fill in those cracks a bit more.


A cool thing happened when I re-wet it; the surface became pliable again.  So I added rivets indentions with a pen top and colored them with a silver pen.


I decided this would be a great journal cover, so my little ATC has turned into a tiny leather journal cover.


Thanks for stopping by!

About Sam

A lover of crafts and art trapped in the mind of an accountant. My dream is to someday be set free of the cubicle prison. Meanwhile, I craft and I create to set my mind free.
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4 Responses to Leather Book Cover ATC

  1. craftytrog says:

    Looks very cool! Great texture!

  2. Silvergran says:

    Way cool! I will certainly give this a try!
    Saw DD’s tutorial, but hadn’t thought of a book cover! Thanks.

  3. This is fantastic.. now did I understand this correctly… that you started with a pillowcase.. wow.
    really impressed with how this turned out.

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