Gear Box Revisited

I rarely redo a project.  I feel that life is to short to spend my time doing the same project more than once. But for todays post, I take exception.  I have made another gear box.  My first gear box was an altered cardboard Christmas box with some paper embellishments on it.  Although I love this box, it isn’t durable.  And so, I have created Gear Box 2.0.  It is bigger and made of wood and without any paper gears on the surface, so it can be used without worry of tearing the fragile embellishments.

I started with a wooden box purchased from one of my local hobby stores and painted it black and grey using a stencil from The Crafters Workshop.


The next layer is a technique that I use over and over again.  I dry emboss an image into aluminum foil and fill it in with modeling paste or joint compound then paint the foil.  I’ve used this technique in Time Bee Alteration, Watchmaker Cabinet, Altered Bottle, Turquoise Altered Book and Compass Box.  Needless to say – I love it.  I used the exact same technique here that I used with the Watchmaker Cabinet in that I tore the sheets of painted embossed foil and adhered them to the box after I topped them with a combination of Rubnbuff and Lumiere paint to give them a metallic patina.


I used Mod Podge to glue it to the surface.



If you look close, you can see my finger prints on it!  Ha!  I hadn’t noticed until I looked at these pictures.


I then gave the whole thing a couple of coats of clear acrylic spray.  It really makes everything pop!


I added a chain from Michaels to finish it off.



Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week all.

About Sam

A lover of crafts and art trapped in the mind of an accountant. My dream is to someday be set free of the cubicle prison. Meanwhile, I craft and I create to set my mind free.
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2 Responses to Gear Box Revisited

  1. That’s beautiful! I love boxes and I love cogs and gears! How do you use the modelling paste? I can’t tell. I’m guessing you emboss using a dye cut machine? That seems to be top of my wish list at the moment! The chain is a lovely touch too!

    • Sam says:

      After I emboss the aluminum foil I coat the underside of it with modeling paste so that it will retain its shape, since aluminum foil is so thin it is easily smashed. I like using foil because it gives a nice crisp image, but this same quality means it is very fragile. The modeling paste provides some structure and durability. I have a snapshot of how I’m using it in the Turquoise Altered Book post.

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