Coptic Stitch Art Journals

I took a break from blogging this past month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing.  Recently my two favorite art journals filled up, so I had to make more and I’ve been hoarding old children’s books for just such an occasion.  I like the bright colors and the artwork that often adorn the covers of children’s books.  Usually the insides are covered with scribbles and torn pages, so I don’t feel so badly about tearing them apart.  Once I had the covers torn off of The Real Mother Goose book pictured below, I washed and sealed it before I stitched in my favorite art paper.


I found a Peter Rabbit book that was in good condition and made two books out of the wonderful pages.  It did not require any cleaning.


Who doesn’t love the illustrations of Beatrix Potter?  I used a couple of different colors of thread to match the color to the pages I chose for the front.


If you are interested in making your own I would encourage you to check out SeaLemon’s Youtube channel.  I learned how to Coptic stitch by watching her great tutorial which you can see HERE.  Thanks for stopping by!


About Sam

A lover of crafts and art trapped in the mind of an accountant. My dream is to someday be set free of the cubicle prison. Meanwhile, I craft and I create to set my mind free.
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